Bimba Stainless Steel Cylinders Meet USDA and FDA Regulations to Assist Food and Beverage Manufacturers with Compliance

The safety of the Foods and Beverages we consume is of critical importance to all of us. As such, Government Regulations require Food and Beverage Processors to maintain procedures that minimize the possibility of contamination and bacteria. These procedures expose production and processing equipment to harsh wash-down, chemicals and even sterilization to ensure our safety.

Bimba’s Stainless Steel Cylinders meet the demanding needs of these environments. The hygienic design minimizes crevices that can retain application residue and foster the growth of bacteria. The end caps are also designed to eliminate catch points by limiting the number of mounting holes necessary to mount the cylinder.

The Bimba “Stainless Steel Flat” utilizes an all stainless steel construction. While specifically designed for the Food and Beverage Industry it has wide appeal for any application requiring a corrosion resistant compact cylinder. The hygienic design has minimized mounting holes and crevices making it easy to clean. The IP69K rated design features a sealed outer body which prevents the ingress of wash-down chemicals and application matter. Food Grade composite rod bushings and Food Grade Lubrication are also standard.

The Bimba | TRD “Repairable Stainless Steel RS Series Cylinder” is ideal for sanitary and wash-down applications with a smooth exterior surface, threaded design for improved disassembly and rebuild characteristics and food grade grease for incidental food contact. The RS Series also features an optional USDA approved 3A Sanitary wiper bracket to deter contaminant collection on the cylinder rod.

Bimba Stainless Steel Cylinders

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